Flexible Benefit Plans

A flexible benefit plan allows employees to choose the benefits they want/need and the level of coverage and cost that is best suited to their unique needs. An employer provides a number of benefits, and employees can choose which ones apply to them, creating a comprehensive benefits package tailored to their unique needs.

Flexible benefit plans often include health insurance, retirement benefits,  and reimbursement accounts. Employees can use the plan to pay for out-of-pocket health or other family care expenses instead of using their present benefits.


Employer Benefits

  • The employer controls the flexible benefit plans cost, setting the limits so there are no surprises.
  • Flexible benefit plans are part of HSA (Health Spending Accounts) and are fully customizable with a pre-set dollar value.
  • Employers receive a 100% business deduction, saving the employer and employees money.
  • Improved employee happiness and awareness knowing they have coverage suited to their needs and the needs of their families. 


Employee Benefits

  • Employees choose the benefits they need without paying for the ones they don’t.
  • Employees have full control of their plans and their benefits.
  • Employees receive valuable coverage.
  • Benefits are received on a tax-free basis, saving them money.
  • Employees can carry over leftover benefit credits into the account for next years plan.
  • Employees get premium benefits and premium coverage.