Group Insurance

Group insurance is pooled benefits for a designated group of people, often employees or small to medium-sized businesses. Group insurance provides stability and financial security for the employees, their families and their way of life. Pooling together insurance through a group insurance plan lowers the overall cost for the same benefits.

Whether you are a small-business owner, medium-sized business owner or a large corporation having group insurance provides financial security while mitigating risks and providing added benefit. At Puhl Employee Benefits we find the best group insurance plan and coverage for your businesses needs.


Characterisitcs of Group Insurance

  • There is a group of people needing to be insured who have something in common outside of requiring insurance.
  • There is often a single Policy Holder who will retain the documentation on behalf of the group insurance members, and deals with the members on behalf of the insurer.
  • Coverage is typically available at a discount rate in comparison┬áto individual rates, with administration and expected claims are lower.