Short-Term Disability

Short-Term Disability is the most requested benefit by employees. Setting up a self-funded short-term disability plan provides an economical way for your employees to be protected and feel secure.


Short-Term Disability Benefits

  • Short-Term Disability pays on the first day of accident & 7th-day sickness for 4 moths.
  • Income is divided to the employee when needed most.
  • 2/3 of gross income is the calculation.
  • Weekly benefit maximum of $2000.
  • Tax-free income to the employee.
  • Doctor determines disability.
  • Claim adjudication is fast & efficient.
  • Claim payments are faster to the employee.
  • Long Term Disability is designed to start the day Short Term Disability is completed.
  • Controlled¬†cost.
  • Short-term disability benefits are non-taxable, with employees planning to pay 100% of premiums.
  • Short-term disability is paid by the employees with after-tax earnings.
  • Employees can enhance their benefits plan with no additional employer contributions.
  • The employee or employer are paid.
  • No nominal value.
  • Employees pay premiums into the plan held by the employer. If the employee leaves, the funds stay in the plan.
  • Claim adjudication is fast, efficient and is handled by us for a flat $250 per claim.
  • Rates can be adjusted annually by claims experience.
  • Flexible adjudication claim control, cost control, and faster claim payments to the employee provide the reason to use a self-funded Short-Term Disability Plan.
  • Adding coverage helps an employer improve employee satisfaction and morale, increasing productivity by providing financial security.
  • Enhancing a benefits plan with the short-term disability can help employers maintain a competitive¬†edge in attracting and retaining employees.